The Alchemist’s story, like all Alchemies, is abouttransformations. The wine, for example, is the transformation of grapes into a nectar for the gods. The Alchemist’s first real transformation took place from local art gallery in Wine Bar and olive oil bar. The activity is managed at the household level, the queen Patricia is the Alchemist, who invents and prepares dishes that are served in the small dining room in winter and, during summer, outside on the main square of Montefalco. In the dining room’s you will find our daughters: hristina, young sommelier, and Barbara, college student, who is always present during breaks from classes. Last but not least, Claudio, always there for all daily stuff. The Alchemist is not only good for tasting wines along with tasty dishes, but it also offers the opportunity to buy everything that is served at the table: from wines to cheeses, oils and many typical products, selected to offer you a bite of Umbria. With the help of an expert sommelier, you can take a ride for the Italian regions and their best wines. A special attention is obviously given to the wines of Montefalco, with a wide selection for all tastes and all pockets.

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